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ReadLater 1.0.2

Download from:

Version 2.0.1 Screenshot

Change Log:



Installation Instructions for downloading from source:

  1. Download the extension zip file from:
  2. Unzip the extension to a folder ReadLater anywhere on your computer.
  3. Put your Google Chrome in Developer Mode. Go to Tools > Extensions. Click on the Check Box on Top Right which says Developer Mode.
  4. Now click on Load Unpacked Extension ...
  5. Select the folder where you unzipped the file.
  6. You will see a small icon on your chrome, top right.
  7. Click on it, to see if the popup is coming.
  8. If it is working,, start adding links and reading more online =)

See source code at:

Do post in your valuable feedback, send a pull request if you have interesting features to add.

Read the blog for updates about the plugin: