Recent tweets for 's search query

Data taken from the twitter API to get the last 500 tweets for the search query. Hover over a node to see details.
Top nodes are users and bottom nodes are tweets.
Sentiment prediction is done using the compound score of vaderSentiment.

By default the data stored in local storage under key sctg_data, is used for plotting.
To plot using new data go to the Query data section.

This visualization is developed using Social Communication Temporal Graph library.

Query data

  • Enter your twitter app api keys.
  • Click on Save & generate code. This generates the code to query twitter.
  • Click Run, to run the code and get the output.
  • Click Parse data & Plot, to parse the output JSON, save it in localStorage, and plot it.
Search Query
      import json

      a = {f"{i}": i for i in range(10)}